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Calantha All-Natural, Organic Makeup and Perfumes, Vegan-Friendly and Cruel-Free, Organic Compact Powder, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Lipsticks, Organic Eyeliner

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Calantha Organic Makeup and Perfumes

Calantha Organic Cosmetics. Calantha Organic Makeup(Organic Compact Powder, Organic Lipstick, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Eyeliner) and Perfumes, Vegan Friendly/Vegetarian , Cruelty-Free Makeup and Perfumes. Calantha makeup and perfumes made from Certified Organic Ingredients. Safe and Nourishing.

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All-Natural Makeup

Especially designed for your long-term healthy beauty...

Made with only natural ingredients, 95-98% are certified organic ingredients
No chemical and no synthetic ingredients
Not only beautifying but also nourishing with nutrient-rich ingredients

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Be a girl with a mind
A woman with attitude
And a lady with class
— Unknown

It all started from Passion, Care and Commitment.

We make organic, all-natural products. Nurturing and safe. Calantha products are made with all natural and organic ingredients. No chemicals and no artificial ingredients...  READ MORE >>

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Natural and certified organic ingredients carefully and artfully selected to formulate our products

Calantha organic makeup products are produced with all natural ingredients, 95-98% of ingredients are certified organic ingredients and 2-5% of ingredients are natural ingredients allowed in organic processing. We make sure that all ingredients selected are not only safe but also nutrient-rich... READ MORE>>



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