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Calantha All-Natural, Organic Makeup and Perfumes, Vegan-Friendly and Cruel-Free, Organic Compact Powder, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Lipsticks, Organic Eyeliner

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Our Story - Calantha Organic Makeup and Perfumes

About Calantha. Why Calantha exists. Calantha cares about our consumers. We are committed to present the quality organic makeup and organic perfumes that are not only safe but nourishing to our consumers.

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We make organic, all-natural products. Nurturing and safe.

Calantha products are made with all natural and organic ingredients. No chemicals and no artificial ingredients.

We are passionate about beauty and health.

We believe everyone can be stylish without compromising their health. That’s why we offer beauty products that are totally natural, containing ingredients that are not only safe but also help nurture everyone’s beauty and health.

We support organic farming communities.

We contribute partial proceeds of the sales of our all-natural, organic products to support farmers who wish to switch to organic farming and require financial support and education.

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Our Inspiration

As a person whose skin got irritated by certain chemicals in makeup products, the founder of Calantha, who personally is health conscious and passionate about organic and natural products, spent several years studying and doing a lot of research on plants, flowers, herbs, holistic aromatherapy, natural ingredients and designed all-natural Calantha makeup products using certified organic ingredients. Natural ingredients are not only safer, but also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients that help nurture beauty and skin. Today the founder, her family and friends enjoy Calantha organic makeup and are happy to see everyone who cares about health and beauty enjoy beautifying and nurturing their skin organically with Calantha organic makeup.