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Best Homemade Anti-Aging Facial Serum Recipe

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Many of us are looking for organic and natural facial skincare that has anti-aging properties and makes skin youthful and radiant.  With gifts from our Mother Nature, we will be able to make natural facial serum ourselves which is not only safer but also effective. One of the best natural serum recipes contains 2 best beneficial ingredients: rose essential oil and argan oil. It’s important to make sure that you use pure 100% natural oils. If you prefer organic natural skincare, simply pick certified organic pure oils.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, simply mix together 5 drops of rose essential oil with 3 teaspoons of argan oil. And here you go – your natural facial serum. Do not forget to perform a test on a small section of your skin to see whether or not you are allergic to it before applying on a larger area.

If you are too busy to make natural serum yourself, there are many options for you. One of them is to use Calantha organic makeup products, which offer you not only the colors and look you prefer for your days but also beneficial properties of the best gifts from Mother Nature. Find out what gifts from Mother Nature Calantha organic makeup brings to you, check out