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Calantha All-Natural, Organic Makeup and Perfumes, Vegan-Friendly and Cruel-Free, Organic Compact Powder, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Lipsticks, Organic Eyeliner


3 Reasons you deserve organic makeup. 

3 Reasons Why You Deserve Organic Makeup

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Fact is that our skin has the ability to absorb products applied on the skin into the bloodstream. If you think about it, absorbing natural ingredients is healthier than absorbing synthetic chemicals.

These are reasons you deserve organic makeup…

Calantha Organic Makeup

1.       Nutrient-Rich
Organic makeup is made from natural ingredients obtained from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits that that are rich in active substances such as vitamins, antioxidants, which not only give a gentle, natural feel but also offer such beneficial properties as anti-aging, hydrating, healing and sun protection.

2.       No chemical and no synthetic ingredients
There is little chance of harsh reactions as organic makeup contains no chemical and no synthetic ingredients. In case of reactions, they subside more quickly.
Organic makeup does not contain endocrine disruptors, man-made chemicals, which change hormone production. Endocrine disruptors can be linked to hormonal imbalances, mood swings, fertility issues and cancer.

3.       Natural aroma
Scents in chemical makeup consist of a mixture of chemicals that can expose the body to different toxic effects, while beautiful aroma in organic makeup are derived from 100% natural ingredients so it’s naturally beautiful and healthy.