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Take Care of Your Body - Why You Should Consider All-Natural Products


3 Reasons you deserve organic makeup. 

Take Care of Your Body - Why You Should Consider All-Natural Products

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Have you ever wondered how much exposure we are today to chemicals, pollution and substances that are not friendly to our body and health?

With nowadays fast-paced and social media-driven lifestyle, we need something fast, convenient and providing results quickly. We take for grant what are in the food we eat and the products we use in our daily lives. We are satisfied with the results we get from the chemical or synthetic products that we use. However, we hear more and more about people being so sick and quite often they have no idea why they become so sick although, many said, they live a healthy life, eating what they think “good food”, using expensive products, and living in a nice, “clean and hygienic” place.  

Have you ever read the ingredients on the products that you eat and use? How many ingredients can you recognize?  Have you ever wanted to learn more about what each ingredient is?

It doesn’t mean that all the chemical or synthetic products are bad. Some are safe and effective. There are regulations on the safety use of chemical and synthetic ingredients in products. But imagine how many products you use per day and if all the products you use contain a bit of the same or different chemicals, how much intake of chemicals you have into your body daily. If it’s too much, the body cannot get rid of it all. Some chemicals accumulate inside your body, causing health problems, not now while you are healthy but maybe one day when your body becomes weak, which may take years. 

If it’s not easy to give up products that contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients as you really like its results, giving your body a break might be helpful. Look for products made from all-natural ingredients. Stop using chemical products for 2 weeks and use all-natural ingredient products instead during the 2 weeks. Then switch to chemical products for another 2 weeks and then back to all-natural products for another 2 weeks. By doing this, you give your body time to get rid of some chemicals out of your body or as much as it can. Natural ingredients if they are of more intake than what the body needs will also need to be got rid of by the body. The good thing; however, about natural ingredients, is they are mostly biodegradable and if it accumulates for some time in the body, it doesn’t cause as negative impacts as chemical or synthetic counterparts.

It’s also a good idea if you use different kinds of all-natural products made with different ingredients alternatively (for example, you use all-natural facial powder made mainly from tapioca starch for 2 weeks and switch to another all-natural facial powder made mainly from rice starch for another 2 weeks and switch back to facial powder from tapioca starch for another 2 weeks). Using products with different ingredients every other two weeks allows time for the body to get rid of excess ingredients than needed by our body or as much chemicals (if chemical products) as possible out of the body. It should be safer than simply using the products with chemical and synthetic ingredients every day.