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Calantha All-Natural, Organic Makeup and Perfumes, Vegan-Friendly and Cruel-Free, Organic Compact Powder, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Lipsticks, Organic Eyeliner


3 Reasons you deserve organic makeup. 


Potluck Company

Many people are not sure of the difference between "natural" and "organic". Technically, there are not the same. "Natural Ingredients" are derived from nature but whether the plants from which the ingredients are derived are grown with or without chemical/synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is unknown, and whether or not they are extracted using chemicals is not indicated.

Whereas "Organic Ingredients" are derived from nature and the plant-derived ingredients are grown without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, and they are extracted using organic means defined by certified bodies.

No matter whether the products are labelled as made with "natural" or "organic" ingredients, always check the full list of ingredients of the products you are buying or using. Some products labelled as "natural" or "organic" may not contain all ingredients that are "natural" or "organic". 🌿🥝🧚‍♂️