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Calantha All-Natural, Organic Makeup and Perfumes, Vegan-Friendly and Cruel-Free, Organic Compact Powder, Organic Cushion Blusher, Organic Lipsticks, Organic Eyeliner


3 Reasons you deserve organic makeup. 

As makeup will be washed off anyway, why care about makeup that is ORGANIC?

Potluck Company

Many ladies think there is no need to use organic makeup as makeup will be washed off anyway. Research says that whatever you apply on the skin can be absorbed into the body and bloodstream, depending on the compound size, concentration, duration of contact and part of skin where it is applied. If the compound size is small enough, it can pass through the skin. The longer and the more it is put on the skin, a higher tendency for it to be absorbed. Moreover, chemicals can be absorbed faster through skin on some areas such as forehead than some other parts (such as scalp).

As a consumer, we might not know much what ingredients in makeup of which compounds are minute enough to be absorbed into skin. What we know for sure is makeup stays on our face for many hours a day. There is therefore a chance that certain ingredient compounds can pass through the skin and get into the blood stream. Some can disrupt your endocrine system, other generate free radicals causing cell damage. Not to mention the impact that certain ingredients may have on the skin where it is applied.

Will it be better if we avoid the chance of toxic ingredients be absorbed into the body by using organic makeup made from 100% natural ingredients? That way we don’t have to worry about negative impact from toxic ingredients that may hurt our health and damage our beloved skin.